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Gujarat Cotton Pressing Summary
Gujarat Cotton Pressing Summary

Gujarat Cotton Pressing As on 30th Sep-2019

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ICE Cotton Weekly Changes

As on 11-Oct-2019

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Cotton Future Close


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Gujarat Cotton Sowing Final Report
  • 07 October 2019

    Gujarat Area under Cotton Sowing reached 26,68,300 Hectares.

    Saurashtra 18,89,000 Hectares.
    North Gujarat 2,40,400 Hectares.
    Middle Gujarat 3,21,300 Hectares.
    South Gujarat 1,57,100 Hectares.
    Kutch 60,500 Hectares.
Weather Forecast 14-Oct
  • Southwest Monsoon has withdrawn from the entire Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, some parts of North Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and the North Arabian Sea. The withdrawal line of Southwest Monsoon is passing across Kishanganj, Bankura, Jamshedpur, Pendra Road, Narsinghpur, Ujjain, Vadodara, Veraval and most parts of North Arabian Sea.
Gujcot Annual Report 2018-19
  • The Season 2018 -2019 started with bullish sentiment in India. Indian cotton crop was predicted 343 lakh bales at the start of the season against 365 to 375 lakh bales of season 2017-2018. Opening stock was low and mills requirement of new cotton was high. With bull sentiment season touched double top at 47,150 on 15th October at the start of the season.
PCCA Cotton Market Weekly
  • OCTOBER 11, 2019


    • Latest Export Report Positive
    • Little Reaction to WASDE Report
    • Market Watching Numerous Developments
    • Spot Market Sales Decline
Cleveland On Cotton 11-Oct-2019

  • Reaching 70 Cents – “A Bridge Too Far”?

    The cotton market took on a shinier look this week, thanks to three factors:

    • Trade talks generated positive news. Potentially, U.S. cotton could flow more freely into China, depending on eventual agreements.
    • USDA’s WASDE report lowered stock numbers.
    • An impending freeze in West Texas could reduce the size of the eventual crop, another bullish development, although bad news for those growers.
Cotton Inc. Executive Cotton Update - October 2019
  • Executive Cotton Update - October 2019

    Macroeconomic Overview: Concerns about economic growth remain. The commonly tracked producer manager indices (PMIs)  released by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) were lower in September. The manufacturing PMI, which can be a leading indicator for the overall economy, signaled contraction for the second consecutive month and posted its lowest value since 2009.
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