Government Notification
GST Refund Notification
  • GST Refund of unutilised input credit

    As per notification issued yesterday, Refund will be granted of unutilised GST credit on raw materials purchased after 1st August, 2018.
CCI - Online Kapas Sale Procedure
  • Online Kapas Sale Procedure
    With regard to online Kapas sale, following modus operandi may be followed:
    1. Online Kapas sale can be undertaken broadly on the same lines as per the online cotton seed sale system followed by the Corporation at present, i.e. kapas may be sold online on per qtl. basis to the registered buyers.
    2. For registration, the buyer has to pay refundable security deposit of Rs 5 lacs and shall have to obtain digital signature for participation in e-auction. ......
MSP 2019-2020
  • Government of India raised Minimum Support Price of Kapas.

    Medium Staple 5,005 to 5,150
    Medium Long Staple 5,255 to 5,405
    Long Staple 5,450 to 5,550
    Extra Long Staple 5,750 to 6,750